The Wild4Words Story:

How It All Started
Buying Flowers

"Originally, the idea to offer my services to family and friends was sparked by an afternoon strong through Coco Walk. I came across a couple of individuals sitting at a table on the side of the sidewalk offering to write poems for people to give to their loved ones for the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day. I thought to myself, “I would love to do that for someone.” People always tell me how much they hate the content writing parts of their jobs when I tell them that is the part I enjoy. Why not write it for them and get paid in the process?"

- Ashley Moore

What Led To Wild4Words

Although Ashley Moore’s passion for writing gives her great determination, a career in writing, especially in a field as narrow as screenwriting, is not the most practical path to choose. This is true for most artistically minded entrepreneurs, let alone a person with a physical disability like Ashley. After initially making the decision to pursue a future as a writer, she had to switch to accomplishing a more attainable goal in a sector of the writing world different from the entertainment industry.


A newsletter about breaking into the entertainment industry reads, "And more than almost any other industry, it really is about who you know," and most of the professionals one needs to know to exceed in the entertainment industry live in California or New York. The necessity to shape her expectations around one of the limitations her disability poses, the inability to relocate away from the assistance of family in Florida, led Ashley to pursue a writing career in the publishing industry. Ashley then decided to make money and gain several years of experience working in administration while building a freelance and professional written portfolio of creative and technical material.


In 2016, Ashley decided to leave her position that a research organization and focus more on the search for a job elsewhere centered more on writing. She was grateful to be hired as an author for a small, but progressive position with a popular magazine, but found herself in need of an additional income and began to formulate a new plan to find more projects to work on.

The idea for a small business came to Ashley after her dad reminded her of the times after college when she would offer writing and editing services to friends and family. For the past seven years, Ashley has made money on the side while putting her passion for creating and editing a vast range of written material like poetry, articles, essays, and short stories to good use. In the summer of 2019, Ashley Moore actively began to form her own service called Wild4Words, partly named after her favorite book and film, Into The Wild.


Confident that her resume reflects a drive to succeed and her portfolio of written material displays a passion and skill as a storyteller using an array of mediums from lyrics to screenplays to short stories to scientific articles, Ashley now feels ready to pursue her new plan to create the small business, Wild4Words, and is eager to begin accepting pitches.

Are you interested, but in need of a more professional reference? Read the article written by a national magazine featuring my small business and storytelling services.

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