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In the following sections below, you will find descriptions of the next steps you can take to work with Wild4Words. Please come back to the top and use the clock button below to view what timeslot, out of the openings Ashley has in her schedule, works best for you.

Book your first Remote Consultation by pressing the button below and you can discuss the details of your project idea with our resident writer and consultant, Ashley Moore.
There is also a button to book your pitch on the header and footer of each page.

Do you have a clear-cut idea of a project you would like to acquire services for? Please use the form below to describe the project. Wild4Words will happily receive pitches of a wide range of projects to consult on. Just ask!

If you would like Ashley Moore, the writer who founded Wild4Words, to consult you on written material for a project you need to create and/or have a professional proof, please book your first consultation below. The first time is free and will serve as your project pitch. Ashley will analyze each project pitch and if she finds it to be appropriate and feels she can contribute to your success, she will contact you to book a second consultation.

Payment is required for each remote booking after the initial pitch. Each half-hour Ashley spends consulting with clientele remotely will cost $25. As far as compensation for assisting with the creation of an individual’s project, the price for each project will vary and will be negotiated once a schedule for its completion is formed.

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Do you already have experience hiring a freelance writer/editor and feel confident with our credentials? Is your idea for a project pretty simple and self-explanatory? Not something you need to speak to Ashley about monitor to monitor? Please fill out and submit the form below describing your project pitch in as much detail as you can and Ashley will reply to your message within 2 business days.


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