Service Examples


A Story Through Any Of The Storytelling Mediums

From Your Idea

A Children's Story From Your Idea Or Experience

A Short Story Built Upon An Idea You Have 

(Novels Are Not My Expertise)

Written Material Marketing And Promoting A Product Or Service Of Yours

Poetry Or Lyrics Aligned With Music Or Other Media

You Have Created

Supporting Content From Both Factual And Verifiable Sources That Can Be Incorporate Into Your Written Work

Regularly Updated Social Media Posts For You

A Poem, Story Or Screenplay To Give To Someone For A Special Occasion

A Poem Or Lyrics Based On Your Own Idea Or Feelings

A Short Story Based On Your Personal Experience

A Poem, Story Or Screenplay With A Holiday Theme

A Script For A Podcast, Documentary Or

Interview You Create

Written Content Uploaded To Your Blog On

Topics Of Your Choice

Continue To The Contact Page To Ask About

A Project Idea You Have

We Can Create
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Wild4Words offers writing and editing services on projects that fall under any of the four main types of writing:
  • Expository 
  • Descriptive 
  • Persuasive
  • Narrative
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What Wild4Words Can Do

Services Offered & Projects Accepted

Your Writing In Order To  Repair Any Errors Of Proper Grammar & Syntax

Read Your Written Content Or Stories For Audience Appeal & Content Flow

Your Screenplay For Correct Screenwriting

Structure & Format

Your Scientific Or Technical Article With A Fact Check

We Can Proof

Project Collaboration Examples

Wild4Words offers the services of a professional writer and editor to companies and individuals in need of assistance with producing written content, both creative and technical, or consultation on editing existing written material. Below is a list of project types Wild4Words is ready to receive pitches and requests to consult on.

Creative Writing

  • Screenplays​

    • Feature-Length Films

    • Short Films

  • Short Stories

  • Poetry

  • Lyrics or Songs

  • Social Media Posts

  • Stories for Marketing

Technical Writing

  • Corporate Documents

    • Logo Graphic

    • Newsletter Templates

    • E-Mail Content

    • Letterheads

    • Policies & Procedures

    • Contracts or Agreements

  • Scientific Updates

  • Social Media Posts

  • News Roundups

  • Biographies

  • Online Content

  • Advertisements

If you or your company is in need of a writer to collaborate with on any of the above tasks or a project of your own, please continue to the next page to learn more about the consultant and creator of Wild4Words, Ashley Moore.


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